Ax Men

It's timber time! Meet the men of Pihl Logging, Gustafson Logging, JM Browning and Stump Branch Logging as they risk their lives for wood. These are the Ax Men.


Season: Season 1 Episode Guide

1 - Man Vs Mountain

It's timber time! Meet the men of Pihl Logging, Gustafson Logging, JM Browning and Stump Branch Logging as they risk their lives for wood. These are the Ax Men.

2 - Risk And Reward

Series following the lives of American Ax Men. Just days into the autumn logging season, JM Browning races to meet a big deadline and Pihl Logging haul in the cash crop.

3 - Storm Season Strikes

Series following the lives of Oregon's Ax Men. As a storm closes in, Jesse pushes the JM Browning crew to meet its deadline, while muddy roads trap trucks.

4 - Big Hit, The

Series following the work of Ax Men. Across Northwest Oregon, the storm season arrives with a vengeance. Some crews shut down, while others struggle to stay afloat.

5 - Market Meltdown

Series following the work of Ax Men. Pihl Logging needs to finish the pig farm job and Melvin tries to keep his old equipment working, with little success. (S1, ep 5)

6 - Reversal Of Fortune

Jay Browning Logging, usually flush with lucrative deals, is forced to make tough decisions. Why are the logging giants falling and the smaller outfits winning business? (S1, ep 6)

7 - Close Call, The

With the logging season halfway through, Stump Branch tests a new, but more dangerous, logging strategy which poses a great danger to the men in the rigging. (S1, ep 7)

8 - Loggers Under Fire

Loggers Under Fire: In the wake of the plummeting logging market, the Ax Men are barely surviving and the Gustafson bosses have a close call. (S1, ep 8)

9 - A Logger's Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving arrives and some loggers have more to be thankful for than others. With winter illness, Pihl logging is not in good shape. Strong language. (S1, ep 9)

10 - Black Friday

As they return to work after Thanksgiving, there's more trouble ahead for the loggers. Will the race for profits, mistakes and inexperience put lives at risk? (S1, ep 10)

11 - Storm Of The Century

The fury of hurricane force winds and rain hit Oregon. Will the worst storm in 25 years put the logging industry in jeopardy? Strong language. (S1, ep 11)

12 - Picking Up The Pieces

The Ax Men are ready to get back to work and put the storm behind them, but it's easier said than done as Darrell makes a startling discovery. Strong language. (S1, ep 12)

13 - Final Haul, The

The logging season winds down, but the battle is far from over. JM Browning continues to fall from glory, leaving Jesse to question its future. (S1, ep 13)

14 - Toughest Season - Recap

Toughest Season Recap: History takes a look back at this extraordinary season of Ax Men. (S1, ep 14)

Season: Season 2 Episode Guide

1 - Ax Men Cometh

Ax Men Cometh: The Ax Men prepare for a new logging season. To survive, they must escape bone-crushing machines. Can JM Browning's crew pull the most logs again? (S2, ep 1)

2 - Initiation Day

Initiation Day: The battle has just begun. Browning gambles $30,000 on new equipment while two Aqua Loggers try to reel the log of their lives. (S2, ep 2)

3 - By Air, Land And Sea

By Air, Land And Sea: A helicopter logging outfit enters the competition, Dustin tries to talk his father into coming back to work, and a prized log slips from Jimmy's clutches. (S2, ep 3)

4 - Moby Dick Strikes

Moby Dick Strikes: While R&R Conner Aviation are forced to choose between safety and production, Jimmy Smith continues to wage war against the mammoth deadhead known as Moby Dick.

5 - King Crumbles, The

The King Crumbles: Times are hard for the ax men. As Rygaard's Greenhorn fights to keep his job, one of R&R's pilots gets trapped in zero visibility when a sudden fog rolls in.

6 - Lost In The Fog

Lost In The Fog: Helicopter logging is one of the most dangerous and expensive forms of timber harvesting, so there is panic when the R&R chopper succumbs to inclement weather.

7 - One Weak Link

One Weak Link: The underdogs finally get their big chance, helicopter logging suffers under a new pilot, and the men of Pihl Logging battle the biggest timber of their careers.

8 - Axe Falls, The

The Axe Falls: Browning, Smith and Hewitt all have their heads on the chopping block. Their company bosses are out of patience and options. Only one will survive this week...

9 - Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat: Tempers at S&S Aqua Logging reach crisis level, and Rygaard and Conner Aviation welcome some fresh faces, but will their new class fare any better than their last?

10 - Clash Of The Titans

Clash Of The Titans: The competition between the logging companies remains fierce as the gap between them narrows. Can Rygaard's new greenhorn prove he's up to the challenge?

11 - Reckoning - Part 1, The

The Reckoning - Part 1: With just days left, targets are huge and there's no room for error. Conner Aviation battles for survival and, at Pihl, there's one man who won't survive the week.

12 - Reckoning - Part 2, The

The Reckoning - Part 2: As the season comes to a close, Conner fights off defeat, while the men of Pihl fight each other, and last-minute catastrophes send the competition down to the wire.

13 - Road To Season 2, The

Series following the treacherous lives of loggers who work in the forests of America's Pacific Northwest.

Season: Season 3 Episode Guide

1 - Axe To Grind

Axe to Grind: The logging season begins and the stakes are higher than ever. Used to risking life and limb for logs, the men are about to brave alligator- infested swamps. (S3, ep 1)

2 - Deeper Into The Swamp

Deeper into the Swamp: Tensions grow between Melvin and Leland, Browning gambles on a new team member, and Shelby risks everything he owns as he heads further into the swamp. (S3, ep 2)

3 - Diving For Dollars

Diving For Dollars: After an ill-fated road trip, Jimmy and James tackle the dangerous black water of the American South, only to realise they're in way over their heads. (S3, ep 3)

4 - Boiling Point

Boiling Point: A careless mistake at Browning threatens to take out DJ and Cody, while, down south, it looks as though Jimmy's first dive may be his last. (S3, ep 4)

5 - Surviving The Swarm

Surviving the Swarm: Melvin's enthusiasm winds up putting his crew in danger, Jay collapses on the job, and while Jimmy's in the swamp, an alligator gets too close for comfort. (S3, ep 5)

6 - Showdown

Showdown: Tempers flare as the logging season hits the rails. One of the greenhorns is sent packing, Melvin and the crew finally have it out and Jimmy and Joe Collins square up. (S3, ep 6)

7 - Chopping Block

Chopping Block: Several loggers face the axe including a greenhorn who as gone AWOL. Over in the swamps of Louisiana, Shelby takes on a risky mission in search of a sunken raft of logs.

8 - Assault By Air

Assault by Air: The Ax Men's lives are on the line as a weak cable at Browning threatens to kill half the crew and a frightening 'log-alanche' endangers the only greenhorn left at Rygaard.

9 - Crash And Burn

Crash & Burn: The threat of a monstrous alligator pushes Jimmy to his wits' end, and there are disastrous consequences when the heli-loggers overload their chopper. (S3, ep 9)

10 - Curse Of Kalina

Curse of Kalina: Jimmy and James come face-to-face with the 12-foot gator that has stalked them for weeks, while Jay questions if the Salina job is cursed. (S3, ep 10)

11 - End Of The Line

End of the Line: As the season winds down, the pressure heats up. Dave returns from jail to find his job hangs in the balance while, in Florida, Jimmy faces a moral dilemma. (S3, ep 11)

12 - Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour: With two weeks to go, Rygaard suffers a terrible loss and Jimmy is on thin ice as Shelby is rushed to casualty. Can Browning take advantage of their misfortune? (S3, ep 12)

13 - King Of The Mountain

King of the Mountain: It's a fight to the finish as the season draws to a close. As the junior pilot tries to save things for Connor, Joe makes James an offer he can't refuse. (S3, ep 13)