Ernie The Wildman

If someone has a critter problem in Kentucky, they know Ernie Brown Jr. is the man to call. Nicknamed "Turtleman" for his uncanny ability to catch monster snapping turtles, Brown also handles raccoons, skunks, snakes, venomous spiders, possums and many other wild animal species -- and, by "handles," we mean literally.



Season: 1

1 - Dirty Jobs #1

Dirty Jobs: Dive into the wild world of pest control as Ernie Brown Jr takes on a Kentucky's peskiest critters. (S1, ep 1) critters.

10 - Bayou Beast #10, The

The Bayou Beast: Ernie goes after a bloodthirsty killer that's attacking livestock in Louisiana. Nearby, armadillos wreak havoc in a family home. (S1, ep 10)

11 - Danger In The Distillery #11

Danger in the Distillery: Ernie rounds up a gaggle of turkeys that are causing trouble in a maze. A possum infestation puts thousands of dollars' worth of Bourbon at risk. (S1, ep 11)

12 - Dilapidated Death Trap #12

Dilapidated Death Trap: Ernie braves a rodent infestation unlike any he has ever seen before. Furry squatters give him a tough time in a house that's awaiting renovation. (S1, ep 12)

13 - Miner Threat #13

Miner Threat: Ernie's got a date with a beaver that's causing big trouble in a coalmine. When chemicals flow into a pond of turtles, Ernie races the clock to save them. (S1, ep 13)

14 - Killer At Shaker Village #14, The

Killer at Shaker Village: Ernie heads to a church and sanctuary for migrating birds that's got a new and violent member. Later, he plays catch with two flying squirrels. (S1, ep 28)

15 - Santa Claws #15

Santa Claws: Follow Ernie Brown Jr as he takes on some of Kentucky's most destructive and dangerous critters. (S1, ep 15)

16 - Beehive Massacre #16

Beehive Massacre: Three women win a date with Ernie at a charity auction. But instead of a dinner and a movie, he takes them to a farm that's been invaded by a skunk. (S1, ep 16)

17 - Speedway Demons #17

Speedway Demons: The teams round up possums, grizzly groundhogs and two of the nastiest raccoons Ernie has ever faced as they clear the critters off a speedway track. (S1, ep 17)

18 - Hellhog #18

New Hellhog: Ernie sets out to rid New Orleans of a drove of wild hogs that moved in following Hurricane Katrina. Plus, a pack of muskrats cause problems for a shrimper. (S1, ep 18)

19 - French Quarter Coyote #19

French Quarter Coyote: Ernie heads to New Orleans when he hears there's a wild dog on the loose. He tackles an invasive bunch of bugs that are causing havoc in Louisiana. (S1, ep 19)

2 - Turtles Of Alcatraz Pond #2, The

The Turtles of Alcatraz Pond: Eric springs into action when he hears that a pond containing the most ferocious snapping turtles he has ever caught is about to be bulldozed. (S1, ep 5)

21 - Jaws Of Hell #21

Jaws of Hell: It's Ernie to the rescue when a snapping turtle brings a baptism to a halt. College students call in the team when their frat house is overrun with critters. (S1, ep 9)

22 - Trailer Park Stink Bomb #22

Trailer Park Stink Bomb: Ernie deals with a beaver that's causing big problems on a farm. Residents at a local trailer park flee when they smell a skunk. (S1, ep 22)

23 - Night Of The Digging Dead #23

Night of the Digging Dead: Turtleman heads to a cemetery that's been hit by an infestation of groundhogs. Later, a missing emu gives him the runaround. (S1, ep 23)

25 - Tee'd Off Turtles #25

Tee'd Off Turtles: Ernie helps a golf course rid its pond of a load of snapping turtles. A local winery's reputation is on the line and it's up to Ernie to save it. (S1, ep 25)

26 - Pig Wallow Predator #26

Pig Wallow Predator: Ernie's called to rescue a stable of horses from a potentially deadly snake. A farmer needs his help when turtles take over his pigs' watering hole. (S1, ep 26)

27 - Killer In The Cavern #27

Killer in the Cavern: A search for a ferocious predator turns up one of the cutest killers Ernie has ever encountered. Plus, a critter problem threatens a drive-in theatre. (S1, ep 27)

28 - Fairground Fiasco #28

Fairground Fiasco: Ernie gets a surprise when he goes after a predator that's been spotted dangerously close to a playground. A critter problem threatens a local carnival. (S1, ep 14)

3 - Groundhog Day #3

Groundhog Day: When the people of Kentucky have a critter problem, there is only one man to call - Ernie Brown Jr. Ernie meets his match when he goes up against a skunk. (S1, ep 2)

5 - Trapped Underground #5

Trapped Underground: Ernie conducts one of his most complicated rescues ever when a calf falls down a sinkhole. Later, he deals with a dangerous predator. (S1, ep 20)

6 - Fort Rattlesnake #6

Fort Rattlesnake: It's man vs beast when Ernie spots a vicious raccoon at an old trading post. And, the slightest misstep could be his last as he pursues a rattlesnake. (S1, ep 5)

7 - Turtle Boot Camp #7

Turtle Boot Camp: Ernie's called in to catch a mystery predator that's targeting hens in a farmer's chicken coop. (S1, ep 8)

8 - Snake Pit #8, The

The Snake Pit: There's a surprise in store when Ernie's called out to a duck pond that's being terrorised by turtles. Later, he deals with a snake infestation at a theatre. (S1, ep 10)

9 - Nightmare At Poachers Pond #9

Nightmare at Poachers Pond: Turtleman and his crew stage a night rescue when a pond full of turtles is threatened by a band of poachers. (S1, ep 11)

Season: 2

1 - Mama Lama Drama #1

Mama Llama Drama: Ernie goes to the rescue of a runaway llama - a creature he has never seen before. He also stops off at a swimming pool that's swarming with critters. (S2, ep 1)

10 - Bull And The Beautiful #10, The

Bull and the Beautiful: Turtleman goes after a problematic bull. Then, it's off to an old hospital, where uninvited critters are crashing the owner's paranormal tours. (S2, ep 10)

11 - Best Little Boar House In Texas #11

Best Little Boar House in Texas: Turtleman tackles a rogue rattlesnake that's threatening business at a hat shop and a feisty freeloader that's making a mess of the garbage. (S2, ep 11)

13 - Wild Receiver #13

Bat Hair Day: Turtleman and Neal risk their lives to rescue a trapped raccoon. Then, it's off to a hair salon where mystery critters are scaring the clients. (S2, ep 12)

14 - Ernie Le'pew #14

Ernie Le'Pew: All clues point to a ferocious feline when Team Turtle goes after a mystery beast that's attacking a farmer's goats. Later, the team hunt for a stinky skunk. (S2, ep 13)

16 - River Monster Mystery #16

River Monster Mystery: Turtleman hunts for a destructive critter that's digging a rancher's prized bull into danger. His next stop is a river full of snappers. (S2, ep 14)

17 - Major League Menace #17

Major League Menace: Ernie heads to the home of the Cincinnati Reds where groundkeepers are desperate for him to catch a rather destructive critter. (S2, ep 15)

19 - Fur For The Course #19

Fur for the Course: Ernie races the clock to catch a runaway wallaby before a pet-sitter's clients return. He also heads to a golf course, where a critter is causing chaos. (S2, ep 16)

2 - Cat Killer #2

Cat Killer: Ernie mounts a risky operation when a local lady's cats start disappearing. At a bowling green, he takes on his nemesis - the skunk. (S2, ep 2)

20 - Don't Leave It To Beaver #20

Don't Leave it to Beaver: It's Ernie to the rescue when a beaver threatens to ruin Christmas for a tree farmer. Later, he scales great heights to relocate a climbing critter. (S2, ep 17)

5 - Hook, Line And Snapper #5

Hook, Line and Snapper: Ernie goes after a cunning and ferocious free-loader that's been breaking into a food store. Plus, some snapping turtles get a new home. (S2, ep 5)

6 - All Skunked Up #6

All Skunked Up: Ernie goes after a smart predator that's been butchering a farmer's cattle. He also gets more than he bargained for when he tries to relocate a skunk. (S2, ep 6)

7 - Savage Stowaways #7

Savage Stowaways: Turtleman and Neal help a houseboat owner rid her home of messy critters. Eric relocates some snapping turtles that are causing drama for a distillery. (S2, ep 7)

8 - Freddy Critters Revenge #8

Freddy Critter's Revenge: Turtleman's called to retrieve a furry tenant that's made a home in a house that's due to be demolished. (S2, ep 8)

9 - 12 Angry Pigeons #9

12 Angry Pigeons: It's a race against time for Team Turtle as they try to catch a burrowing critter that's causing a log cabin to collapse. (S2, ep 9)

Season: 3

1 - Get Otter My Pond #1

Get Otter my Pond: Ernie meets a crafty critter he's never tackled before. Plus, when a prize peacock vanishes from a Renaissance fair, it's up to Team Turtle to find it. (S3, ep 1)

10 - Swine Dining #10

Swine Dining: A farmer fears the worst when one of his pigs vanishes at night. Team Turtle discover a dangerous predator is on the loose. Can they catch it? (S3, ep 10)

11 - Snap N Splash #11

Snap 'n' Splash: Turtleman heads to a fancy furniture shop where a mystery intruder is gnawing away at the profits. Can they catch it before it does even more damage? (S3, ep 11)

12 - Headless Horror #12

Headless Horror: Turtleman goes to the rescue of a chicken coop of terrified birds. Can he catch and relocate their savage attacker? (S3, ep 12)

13 - Kneel Before Sod #13

Kneel Before Sod: Turtleman gets a chance to show how much he's learned when his former teacher needs help with a destructive critter that's damaging his barn. (S3, ep 13)

14 - Phantom Menace #14

Phantom Menace: Finding Bigfoot's Bobo and Rane need help learning the ropes in the Kentucky backwoods. Can Team Turtle be the ones to teach them? (S3, ep 14)

15 - Troll In The Coal #15

Troll in the Coal: Team Turtle race to a ranch, where a wildfire has spooked the animals and sent a baby bison running. (S3, ep 15)

16 - Ghost Town Gold Rush #16

Ghost Town Gold Rush: Team Turtle gets gold fever at a haunted abandoned town. But before they can hunt for nuggets, there's a nocturnal nuisance to catch. (S3, ep 16)

17 - Fang Nabbit #17

Fang Nabbit: Team Turtle head to a ranch as their Montana adventures continue. There, the horses are at risk thanks to a nasty critter that's tunneling through the stables. (S3, ep 17)

18 - Bear Neccessities #18

Bear Necessities: Something has been raiding dustbins, leaving behind huge claw marks and a mess. Could it be something Turtleman has always wanted to catch - a bear? (S3, ep 18)

19 - Tough Cookies #19

Tough Cookies: Turtleman heads to a farm where a hole-digging menace is stopping the cattle from drinking. Plus, the guys must decide if the team's ready for a new member. (S3, ep 19)

2 - Apocalypse Meow #2

Apocalypse Meow: Turtleman sets a trap to catch a vicious creature that's terrorising horses on a farm. He also helps a buddy who's got a nasty critter among his race cars. (S3, ep 2)

21 - Trail Blazers #21

Trail Blazers: Turtleman heads deep into the woods as he takes on a gnarly gar and a hive of angry honeybees. (S3, ep 21)

22 - Ticked Off #22

Ticked Off: A close shave in a cave is the start of Turtleman and Neal's problems in a hidden valley, where they also come up against swarms of insects and raging rivers. (S3, ep 22)

23 - Call In The Cavalry #23

Call in the Cavalry: It's Turtleman to the rescue when venomous copperheads, swamps and a large snapper cause big problems at a treetop retreat. (S3, ep 23)

3 - Mudzilla Attacks #3

Mudzilla Attacks: Ernie must relocate a critter that's found a rather inconvenient home. Plus, it's Team Turtle to the rescue when a predator starts targeting a farmer's goats. (S3, ep 3)

4 - Smokey And The Bandit #4

Smokey and the Bandit: Turtleman heads to a cigar warehouse where a destructive critter is proving to have very expensive taste. (S3, ep 4)

5 - Unarmed And Dangerous #5

Unarmed and Dangerous: Team Turtle have their work cut out as they hunt for a critter in a paintball park. Plus, a fireworks store gets some rather unwelcome intruders. (S3, ep 5)

6 - Snaketown Shakedown #6

Snake Town Shakedown: The team go to the rescue of Neal's granddad who's got a major snake problem in his basement. Plus, a ravenous critter threatens a worm farm. (S3, ep 6)

7 - Halloween Spooktacular #7

Halloween Spooktacular: Things get spooky when Turtleman's friend gets lost while tracking Bigfoot. Meanwhile, menacing creatures threaten a haunted forest attraction. (S3, ep 7)

8 - Crittersbug Address #8, The

Crittersburg Address: Something vicious is killing turkeys at a manor once visited by President Lincoln. Two newlyweds hear a menacing rattling in their RV. (S3, ep 8)

9 - Chaos In Critter Cavern #9

Chaos in Critter Cavern: Turtleman and Neal investigate strange sounds coming from the walls of Jerry's home, before tangling with a 12-foot Burmese python. (S3, ep 9)