Grave Trade


Season: 2

1 - Bespoke #1

Bespoke: T Cribb & Sons opens its parlour doors revealing the preparation behind intimate, elaborate and unusual send-offs. Plus, archeologists uncover a body in Amesbury. (S2, ep 1)

2 - Respect #2

Respect: T Cribb & Sons organises a heartfelt send-off for a much-loved Romford market seller. Plus, a set of skulls offers archeologists new insight into Iron Age burials. (S2, ep 2)

3 - Global Business #3

Global Business: T. Cribb and Sons opens its parlour doors as it organises a funeral for an Eastender. Plus, archeologists in Ireland excavate a convicts' graveyard. (S2, ep 3)

4 - Business Of Death #4, The

The Business Of Death: T Cribb and Sons are on their best behaviour when an inspector from Trading Standards shows up. Historians make a controversial discovery in Oxford. (S2, ep 4)

5 - Ceremony #5

Ceremony: London funeral directors T Cribb and Sons organise an emotional send-off for someone close to them. Plus, archeologists make a rare discovery under Lincoln Castle. (S2, ep 5)

6 - Generations #6

Generations: Young funeral conductor Jim runs into trouble when he takes charge of an elaborate send-off. Archeologists in Ireland unearth a secret and hallowed burial site. (S2, ep 6)

7 - Rituals And Status #7

Rituals And Status: The embalmers face the unenviable job of preparing a body that's been in the mortuary for three years. Marcus directs the lavish burial of a local boxer. (S2, ep 7)

8 - Changing Face Of Cribbs #8

Changing Face Of Cribbs: Big boss John checks up on staff at T Cribbs & Sons' funeral home in Ghana. Plus, archeologists investigate how immigration has shaped our past. (S2, ep 8)