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Highway Thru Hell

The winters in British Columbia are brutal. Follow a local heavy recovery firm as they help highway users that have fallen victim to the ice and snow. Their essential service keeps the traffic on Canada's Coquihalla Highway moving.


Season Season 5 Episode Guide

1 - Less Is More #1

Less is More: Jamie Davis battles a truck fire on The Coq, then reveals big changes to his operation. Jordie welcomes his brother back to the family business. (S5, ep 1)

2 - Suicide Creek #2

Suicide Creek: Mission Towing races to an urgent call on a logging road. Jamie deploys his air bag recovery system to flip a tractor trailer. (S5, ep 2)

3 - Bridge Out #3

Bridge Out: Jamie and his team deal with a jackknifed semi-trailer on the edge of a bridge. The Mission Towing team races to reopen an active logging road. (S5, ep 3)

4 - Wind Storm #4

Wind Storm: Gale-force winds shut down the Trans Canada Highway. Al and Gord try to recover a massive mining truck. (S5, ep 4)

5 - Christmas Wrap #5

Christmas Wrap: On the busiest travel week of the year, Al works to clear a burning trailer off the Coq. Colin rescues a delivery truck loaded with Christmas parcels. (S5, ep 5)

6 - In Deep #6

In Deep: On his first night on the Coq, prairie tow operator Jonny Tipton faces his toughest recovery. Quiring Towing's Gord Boyd clashes with stubborn truckers. (S5, ep 6)

7 - Man Against Machine #7

Man Against Machine: Al Quiring has to rescue a pair of 40-ton excavators buried in a bog, while Jamie and Scott are called to a mysterious wreck in The Canyon. (S5, ep 7)

8 - Crossroads #8

Crossroads: Tough times in Alberta force Colin to weigh his future, while the Mission Towing crew races to clear a wreck that's shut down the rail line outside Hope, B.C. (S5, ep 8)

9 - Pick Up Sticks #9

Pick Up Sticks: Jamie calls in Jason's rotator to tackle a recovery in the Canyon, while the Mission Towing team juggles a lost load of telephone poles. (S5, ep 9)

10 - Family Matters #10

Family Matters: The Quiring family works to lift a semi loaded with industrial paper rolls, and a member of Jamie's towing family battles the physical and mental toll. (S5, ep 10)

11 - All Nighter #11

All Nighter: A crash between two tractor-trailers has Jordie's crew working through the night, while Scott is forced to get inventive to finish a job. (S5, ep 11)

12 - Heavy Duty #12

Heavy Duty: Jamie's rookie driver is dispatched to rescue a convoy of oversized loads on The Coq, while Scott battles to keep a lumber truck from tipping. (S5, ep 12)

13 - Long Way Down #13

Long Way Down: Al Quiring attempts to pull up a logging truck that plunged 700 feet off a cliff, and Jamie and Scott team up on a heavy roll over in Fraser Canyon. (S5, ep 13)

Season Season 6 Episode Guide

1 - Cliffhanger #1

Cliffhanger: Winter strikes hard and fast as Jamie Davis and his heavy rescue crew face tough new challenges in Hope, British Colombia. (S6, ep 1)

2 - Unfinished Business #2

Unfinished Business:Jamie helps Colin recover a massive wreck near the Rock Cut. Brandon confronts his fears on the big job. (S6, ep 2)

3 - Gate Crasher #3

Gate Crasher: A troublesome winch line forces Jamie and cousin Paris to find a quick fix. Jordie faces a twisted wreck that crashed through an airport fence. (S6, ep 3)

4 - Slippery Slope #4

Slippery Slope: A crash in the Fraser Canyon has Colin and crew working below an unstable rock slope. Jamie charts a new course for his business. (S6, ep 4)

5 - Perfect Storm #5

Perfect Storm: A winter storm unleashes chaos on all highways around Hope, BC, forcing Jamie's team into an all-night battle. (S6, ep 5)

6 - Python Unleashed #6

Python Unleashed: Jamie's newest classic wrecker, The Python, is put to the test on a tractor-trailer embedded in a row of trees. (S6, ep 6)

7 - Hell Of A Ride #7

Hell of a Ride: Hampered by heavy snow, rocks and extreme cold, Colin and Kelly finish a tough recovery and meet a tight deadline. (S6, ep 7)

8 - Reading The Road #8

Reading the Road: A gravel hauler ricochets off a rock wall leaving a twisted mess for Kelly and John to clear up. (S6, ep 8)

9 - Snowbound #9

Snowbound: Jamie and his fleet of heavy wreckers are paralysed in his own yard by a massive snowfall, and a tow-up in deep powder turns into big trouble for Colin. (S6, ep 9)

10 - Junior's Job #10

Junior's Job: Jamie's 13-year-old son gets a lesson in wreck recovery after a semi crashes down a 150-foot embankment. (S6, ep 10)

11 - Bumpy Ride #11

Bumpy Ride: Jamie takes The Python off road for the first time. Jamie's brother Kelly battles high winds and a power pole to save a semi loaded with pipes. (S6, ep 11)

12 - Trapped #12

Trapped: A missing truck driver trapped inside a wreck for two days forms one of the most difficult and emotional recoveries in years. (S6, ep 12)

13 - No Man's Land #13

No Man's Land: Working through blinding snow, freezing rain and even an avalanche threat, heavy rescue crews help truckers and drivers out of the closed highway. (S6, ep 13)

Season Season 1 Episode Guide

1 - Death On The Coq #1

Death on the Coq: Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue springs into action as the winter gets off to a fraught start on one of North America's most dangerous roads - the Coquihalla Highway. (S1, ep 1)

2 - Where's My Rotator #2

Where's my Rotator: Battling extreme weather, low temperatures and black ice, the crew go to the rescue of a flipped trailer. Later, a semi filled with wine goes off a cliff. (S1, ep 2)

3 - It's Stormy Everywhere #3

It's Stormy Everywhere: The heavy rescue team are inundated with wrecks and breakdowns as a vicious snowstorm hits British Colombia's treacherous Coquihalla Highway. (S1, ep 3)

4 - Roughing Up The Rookie #4

Roughing up the Rookie: Jamie's new recruit goes missing during a snow blizzard. Plus, the crew responds to a tragic crash on the highway. (S1, ep 4)

5 - No Tears In Towing #5

No Tears in Towing: A long-standing rivalry heats up during a dangerous storm. As trucks spin out of control, Jamie's crew battles a competing towing team for business. (S1, ep 5)

6 - Avalanche Zone #6, The

The Avalanche Zone: The rescue team put their lives in jeopardy as they race to help drivers stranded in record-breaking snowfall. (S1, ep 6)

7 - Family Business #7, The

The Family Business: A simple job turns into a major headache for the team. Plus, an SUV plunges off the cliff and Jamie wonders whether to bring his stepson into the business. (S1, ep 7)

8 - Yin & Yang #8

Yin & Yang: Traffic comes to a standstill when a rock slide causes a major collision. Tempers flare as the team come under pressure to reopen the highway quickly. (S1, ep 8)

9 - I Can't Take It Anymore! #9

I can't take it anymore!: The race is on when a truck crashes and blocks an exit. Plus, the crew must salvage every letter when a mail lorry comes off the road. (S1, ep 9)

10 - After The Crash #10

After the Crash: Return to the Coquihalla Highway and join Jamie and the crew as they reflect on the most dangerous conditions, toughest wrecks and tense moments of the season. (S1, ep 10)

Season Season 2 Episode Guide

1 - Welcome To Winter #1

Welcome to Winter: Winter hits the treacherous Coquihalla Highway and a crashed truck load of timber gives Jamie and his crew their first rescue mission of the season. (S2, ep 1)

2 - Deadlift #2

Deadlift: Gazzola is in for a rough day when two highway closures bring him big problems. Monkhouse takes a chance on the new guy when he needs help on the towing team. (S2, ep 2)

3 - Comeback Kid #3, The

The Comeback Kid: Jamie finds a way to bring veteran driver Scott back into the fold. Meanwhile Adam is pushed to breaking point and Jamie finds himself in a dangerous situation. (S2, ep 3)

4 - Two Guys, Two Trucks #4

Two Guys, Two Trucks: Jamie and Adam come to blows as they struggle to flip a B-train on a perilously icy road. A two-car collision puts Ken to the ultimate test. (S2, ep 4)

5 - Sometimes The Patient Dies #5

Sometimes the Patient Dies: The team leap into action when a trailer full of pricey pharmaceuticals gets stuck in a block of ice and a lorry load of chickens crashes into a tree. (S2, ep 5)

6 - Still Got It #6

Still Got It: A lorry bursts into flames, and it takes Scott and Gord two days to get if off the Smasher. A fight lands Bruce in hospital and a rival challenges Jamie's status. (S2, ep 6)

7 - Crazy Horse #7

Crazy Horse: Jamie makes an alarming discovery just as the biggest storm of the season prepares to hit. A dream job turns into one of the winter's most challenging recoveries. (S2, ep 7)

8 - Suck It Up Princess #8

Suck it up Princess: It's a race against time for the team when a crashed semi blocks one of the Coq's most important exits. Plus, a mysterious driver shows up in the yard. (S2, ep 8)

9 - Over The Edge #9

Over the Edge: Rock slides cause big problems on the highway. Jamie goes to the rescue when a lorry load of lumber swerves off the cliff to avoid a boulder. (S2, ep 9)

10 - A Man Of My Word #10

A Man of my Word: The team race to save a load of apples that's stuck on a dangerous bridge. Plus, Scott returns to the yard and a multi-vehicle wreck turns deadly. (S2, ep 10)

11 - Cut In Half #11

Cut in Half: Adam and Jamie pull out all the stops when a wreck on Highway 1 threatens to spill its load and shut down the road. A competitor places Jamie in a dilemma. (S2, ep 11)

12 - Beer O'clock #12

Beer O'clock: Jamie, Adam, Scott, Ken, Bruce and Kevin meet host Mark Miller as they look back on their latest season on the Coq. (S2, ep 12)

13 - Closure Is Not An Option #13

Closure is not an Option: Pushed off the Coq by a competitor, Jamie's heavy rescue crew packs up and heads north in search of a new and dangerous highway to set up shop. (S2, ep 13)

Season Season 3 Episode Guide

1 - New Hell Old Hell

New Hell, Old Hell: Winter is here but Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue is divided. After Adam took half the fleet to Alberta, Jamie must fight to keep the Coq open on his own. (S3, ep 1)

2 - New Hope

New Hope: Brandon is forced to prove himself and Jamie hires a new driver. Meanwhile, Colin learns just how tough his new boss Adam can be. (S3, ep 2)

3 - Be Afraid

Be Afraid: Brandon suffers a seriously narrow escape on the highway. Meanwhile, it's Jamie to the rescue when an overturned truck lands a woman in an icy river. (S3, ep 3)

4 - No Way Out

No Way Out: Jamie is powerless when a sudden winter storm strikes. Meanwhile, two of Heavy Rescue's crew face a life-or-death situation on a remote logging road. (S3, ep 4)

5 - One Man, One Truck

One Man, One Truck: Howie takes on a monster recovery single-handed when a truck load of wine needs help. Meanwhile, Al and Adam run into big problems, too. (S3, ep 5)

6 - Back In The Saddle

Back in the Saddle: Howie faces a challenge after a truck spills lumber across a highway. Elsewhere the team battles extreme weather to tackle a heavy industrial wreck. (S3, ep 6)

7 - Red Hot Wrecks

Red Hot Wrecks: Chaos reigns supreme when pipe trucks roll over in both Alberta and BC. Al, meanwhile, has a problem on his hands involving multiple bottles of red hot sauce. (S3, ep 7)

8 - Uphill Battle

Uphill Battle: A swift build-up of snow on the Coq could culminate in avalanches unless swift action is taken. Plus, Adam and Brandon face off in a season-shaking clash. (S3, ep 8)

9 - Snowmageddon

Snowmageddon: Shockwaves ripple when record snowfall brings Coquihalla Highway to a standstill. In Alberta, Adam and Colin have to get a toxic wreck safely back on the road. (S3, ep 9)

10 - Prove Yourself

Prove Yourself: The Alberta crew tackle the complex recovery of a million-dollar truck. Colin, meanwhile, is forced to go it alone because of a freak snowstorm. (S3, ep 10)

11 - Top Dog, Lone Wolf?

Top Dog, Lone Wolf: Howie and Adam end up on the same wreck - and the old Coq vet doesn't like how the new guy is running the show. (S3, ep 11)

12 - Downhill Slide

Downhill Slide: New recruits Phil and Wayne feel the pressure when they get the chance to run big wreckers. Al, meanwhile, struggles to navigate a steep logging road. (S3, ep 12)

13 - Arming For Battle

Arming for Battle: Jamie and his crew retrieve a stolen vehicle that crashed 500 feet down into a ravine. Plus, after a tough winter, Adam ponders leaving the Alberta operation. (S3, ep 13)