Ice Road Truckers


Season: 8

1 - Gathering Storm #1 (97) The

The Gathering Storm: As the season begins, both VP Express and Polar Industries face their biggest test as the Polar Vortex brings the worst winter conditions in a century. (S8, ep 1)

10 - Icing On The Lake #10 (106)

Icing On The Lake: Darrell continues teaching Reno how to drive the ice roads, Art gets some royal help on a trip far north and Lisa and Todd hit a road block. (S8, ep 10)

11 - Journey To The End Of The Earth #11 (107)

Journey to the End of the Earth: With temperatures rising and the winter roads melting away, it's a mad dash to the finish line and VP Express and Polar are neck and neck (S8, ep 11)

12 - World's End #12 (108)

World's End: Lisa has to make a game-changing decision: help a competitor push further into the arctic unknown, or stick with her teammates and convoy back to Polar HQ. (S8, ep 12)

2 - Rushin' Roulette #2 (98)

Rushin' Roulette: The truckers race to make important deliveries before the storm of the century strikes. A stretch of thin ice leaves Alex begging for divine assistance. (S8, ep 2)

3 - Into The Vortex #3 (99)

Into The Vortex: Blinding winds and driving snow throw the drivers' lives into jeopardy, proving that even the toughest truckers in the world can't take on Mother Nature. (S8, ep 3)

4 - Snow Bound #4 (100)

Snow Bound: Darrell and Todd try to soldier through record-breaking snowfall. The rest of their team find themselves stranded in the wild with no help in sight. (S8, ep 4)

5 - Storm Troopers #5 (101), The

Storm Troopers: Art, Todd and Lisa push their luck as they dare to cross buckling ice. A row between Darrell and his boss could mean big change on the winter roads. (S8, ep 5)

6 - Lone Wolf #6 (102), The

The Lone Wolf: VP Express hauls the most lucrative load to date as part of a dangerous plan to crush their competition. A defection in the ranks brings further tension. (S8, ep 6)

7 - Blazing The Trail #7 (103)

Blazing The Trail: Rising temperatures force the truckers to risk it all on rapidly thinning ice. With the pressure on, Art makes mistakes that place his job in jeopardy. (S8, ep 7)

8 - Highway To Hell #8 (104)

Highway To Hell: Lisa and Todd take on one of their toughest missions yet when they tackle a dangerous untamed trail. Meanwhile, a crash threatens to end Alex's season. (S8, ep 8)

9 - Flirtin With Disaster #9 (105)

Flirtin' with Disaster: With Darrell's new company on a roll, he calls in a surprising reinforcement. But can this new team member hack the treacherous ice roads? (S8, ep 9)