Shaun Ryder On UFOs


Season: 1

1 - Caught On Tape # 1

Caught On Tape: Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder searches for the truth behind reports of UFOs. He begins in Santiago, where seven people spotted a strange flying object in 2012. (S1, ep 1)

2 - Seeing Is Believing # 2

Seeing Is Believing: Shaun meets a witness to one of the most significant cases of alien abduction ever and hears from a man who claims extra-terrestrials cured him of cancer. (2 of 4)

3 - Worship And Abduction # 3

Worship And Abduction: Shaun meets a man from Sutton Coldfield who claims he was abducted by aliens and visits members of a spiritual movement who worship extra-terrestrials. (3 of 4)

4 - Sightings And Strange Cases # 4

Sightings And Strange Cases: Shaun meets famous alien abductee Travis Walton and visits Rendlesham Forest, the site of the UK's most famous UFO case. (4 of 4)