UFO Europe: The Untold Stories

Unknown objects, mysterious lights and incredible encounters. This is UFO Europe: The Untold Stories.


Season Season 1 Episode Guide

1 - Ufo Europe: The Untold Stories 1

Unknown objects, weird lights and a shocking criminal investigation - check out Scotland's Livingston UFO, Norway's Hessdalen lights and Portugal's Castelo de Bode Dam encounter. (S1, ep 1)

2 - Ufo Europe: The Untold Stories 2

Strange lights, a government cover-up and something odd above the woods - experts revisit the Swedish Mora UFO photos, Mussolini's UFO files and the Rendlesham forest incident. (S1, ep 2)

3 - Ufo Europe: The Untold Stories 3

An Air France pilot sees a huge object over Paris, UFOs are spotted over a quiet town in Portugal, and lone drivers in Denmark experience something rather strange... (S1, ep 3)

4 - Ufo Europe: The Untold Stories 4

Witnesses are baffled as strange flying objects start appearing over Europe. Everywhere from Portugal to Romania, big questions are left unanswered. (S1, ep 4)

5 - Ufo Europe: The Untold Stories 5

Witnesses reveal the story of a strange phenomenon in a remote Italian village. Strange objects are spotted over Sweden and a UFO is reported in Portugal. (S1, ep 5)

6 - Ufo Europe: The Untold Stories 6

More strange stories come under the spotlight, including that of a disappearing US pilot, strange incidents in a Sicilian fishing village and a weird encounter over Germany. (S1, ep 6)

7 - Ufo Europe: The Untold Stories 7

Experts investigate more strange sightings, including a silver missile travelling too quickly for pilots to pursue, and mysterious lights seen by thousands over Belgium. (S1, ep 7)