World's Toughest Prisons

Enter the world's toughest prisons, and see every side of this very special world. At each prison we visit, the audience will be immersed in daily prison life.



Season: 2

1 - Carcel Distrital, Bogotá, Colombia (Part 1)

Carcel Distrital, Bogotá, Colombia (Part 1): An unflinching look inside the world's toughest prisons. First part of a two-part insight into the Carcel Distrital, Colombia. (S2, ep 1)

2 - Carcel Distrital, Bogotá, Colombia (Part 2)

Carcel Distrital, Bogotá, Colombia (Part 2): Second part of the harrowing look behind the walls of the infamous Carcel Distrital prison in Colombia. (S2, ep 2)

3 - Colony 100, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Colony 100, Khariv, Ukraine: An unflinching look inside the world's toughest prisons, beginning with Colony 100 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. (S2, ep 3)

4 - South Cotabato Jail, Philippines

South Cotabato Jail, Philippines: An inside look into the notoriously brutal South Cotabato Jail in the Philippines. (S2, ep 4)

5 - El Hongo, Tecate, Mexico

El Hongo, Tecate, Mexico: Go behind the bars of one of Mexico's toughest jails, El Hongo, reputedly controlled by a notorious drug cartel. (S2, ep 5)

6 - Armavir Prison, Armenia

Armavir Prison, Armenia: Hailed as Armenia's first European standard prison when opened in 2014, Armavir prison has since been accused of violating inmates' human rights. (S2, ep 6)

7 - La Mesa, Mexico

La Mesa, Mexico: A look behind the bars of La Mesa prison, in Mexico, where in 2008 two riots left 19 prisoners dead and 12 injured. (S2, ep 7)