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Ancient Aliens: Archaeological Evidence

Each episode of Ancient Aliens explores the possibility that ancient aliens had contact with and perhaps even lived amongst ancient civilisations. Here we take a look at photographic and archaeological evidence that ancient aliens existed:

Akhenaten's Elongated Skull

Pharaoh Akhenaten's strange appearance has caused speculation from some ancient alien theorists that he could have been an extraterrestrial. Indeed, his appearance in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and statues is odd and very dissimilar from how other Pharaoh’s were portrayed. He is shown as having an elongated skull, long neck, overweight mid-section and breasts. While these features are quite similar to the typical western depiction of aliens, other historians have argued that his odd appearance could have been due to a genetic disorder (such as Marfan syndrome) or he could have even been transgendered. 

The Egyptian Pyramids

The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids of Giza, one of the world's greatest architectural wonders and mysteries. Considered they were built 2580–2560 BC archaeologists and historians alike are puzzled as to just how these huge structures were built. One theory is that they had alien assistance, who would have used advanced technologies to create them.  

Puma Punku 

The large ancient temple complex in Bolivia Puma Punku contains some of the largest known stones in the world, many of which weigh more than 100 tonnes each. For this very reason, some argue that as with the pyramids, aliens must have helped the ancient Bolivian people in their architectural pursuits. Some of the stones also include intricate decoration and stonework, and it is unknown how this was achieved given the limited technology believed to have existed at the time.

The Moai of Easter Island

The impressive Moai of Easter Island are another major mystery. Who are they, how were they built and by whom? One theory is that they represent aliens that had once visited the island and that the aliens also may have helped construct them. However, a new architectural theory claims it would have been humanly possible for the Polynesians to have constructed these impressive statues minus alien help by using complicated rope and slopes techniques. 

Ancient Hieroglyphics on Mars

So far we've looked at the idea of aliens visiting ancient civilisations on Earth, but what if the favour was returned? A recent NASA photo taken on planet Mars shows what looks like ancient hieroglyphics carved onto a rock. While we can't be sure what the marks are at this point, it certainly has enthused Ancient Aliens believers, who claim this is yet more evidence that aliens and ancient peoples visited one another. 


Stonehenge, one of the UK's most unique and mysterious architectural wonders, has long baffled experts on just how exactly it was built - and for what purpose. This circle of ancient stones has long been associated with ancient alien theories, one being that aliens constructed it and another that it was used as a landing pad for alien spacecraft. 

Nazca lines of Peru

Hundreds of ancient lines, including those in the shape of animals and what some believe to be aliens, can be found on the ground of a remote Peruvian dessert. The weird thing is though, they can only be seen from a few hundred feet in the air, which is bizarre considering that these lines were created thousands of years ago - and thousands of years before aviation was supposedly invented. Some ancient alien theorists even argue the lines could have used as a runway for alien aircraft or that is was a way of the ancient people attempting to make alien contact. 

Vijayanagara Vastu Architecture

In the ancient Indian temples of Vijayanagara intriguing alien-like images are carved on its stonework. This includes depictions of images of people flying and alien-like figures. One ancient alien theory is that aliens visited this ancient Indian culture and as a result the people depict their interactions on their temples. Another is that the temples were used to harness cosmic energy between aliens and people.

The Pyramids of Chichen Itza 

This ancient Mayan pyramid complex in Mexico has long been linked to ancient alien visitors. Some believe that the city was visited by aliens who helped build the pyramids and used them as markers for landing their space vessels, and another theory is that they emit powerful energy beams that enabled the ancient Mayans to communicate with aliens. 

Architecture in the National Museum of Iraq

There are various ancient pottery pieces on display at the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad that show suspiciously alien-like figures on them. Some of these potteries date back to 6,000 BC and historians are unsure of what or who the figures are depicting - but one thing's for sure Ancient Aliens believers use it as proof of ancient alien existence.