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Cooking With Fire

Cooking over a fire is thousands of years old, allowing early humans to unlock precious calories from their food and helping to drive our development.
Nowadays, grilling on a barbecue is a favourite summer (or winter, if you’re brave) pastime. There’s nothing quite like a group of amateur cooks huddling round a barbecue to inspect sizzling sausages and give their opinion on how much charcoal to add.
For those that are looking to take their grilling game to the next level, our friends over at BLAZE have just the ticket with their Blazin’ BBQ Masters series.

Hosted by YouTuber Christian Stevenson AKA DJ BBQ and ITV’s BBQ Champ finalist Tony Smith AKA Man Meat Fire they’ve got the best talent for the job.
First up is how to prep your grill.

Did you know that you don’t just need to season your meat, but also a new barbecue? And that you don’t need to break your back with cleaning products when it comes to cleaning dirt and grime? There’s also a cheap alternative to lighter fluid that will leave you desperate to try it: tortilla chips!

How to set up and clean your grill

When it comes to barbecue food, steak has to be the number one choice. There’s nothing more primal than a cut of meat cooking to perfection over the heat of a fire. And it turns out that the best rib eye steak may actually come from cooking it directly on the fire – known as ‘dirty steak’.

Grilling mouth-water ribeye steaks

Chicken is the most Googled food in the world, and the way the Blazin’ BBQ Masters cook it ranks highly in our books. Beer can chicken and Alabama white sauce-coated wings are on the menu here.

Grill your chicken to absolute perfection

Finally, you can’t have a barbecue without a burger - more specifically, a beefburger.
With the etymology of the word deriving from the German city of Hamburg, much like that of a frankfurter sausage from Frankfurt, our take wouldn’t disappoint anyone from the meat-loving nation.

The ultimate burgers

And to wrap things up, we take a look at the different cuts of meat. After all the butcher is just as important as the grill chef.

The best cuts of meat

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