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What's coming up in Irish Pickers?

Dublin dealer and history enthusiast Ian Dowling has made a living from the art of picking and selling Irish treasures. For years he has travelled all over Ireland and the UK, hunting down and buying collectibles that tell stories of the country’s past.

 The Irish Pickers head to prestigious, interesting and historic places, hunting out and purchasing unusual objects previously hidden from the world. Narrated by Ireland’s own Ardal O’Hanlon (Father Ted, My Hero) , Irish Pickers follows Ian and his team as they uncover quirky gems that paint a picture of Ireland’s rich history – with famous tales, heroes and villains from years gone by, including St Patrick himself, featuring throughout.

Accompanying Ian on this Irish road trip is his best mate and trusty side-kick Mark Butterly aka ‘Butzy’. Together they visit everywhere from farms to stately homes, family businesses, private collectors, salvage dealers, and museums, looking for items of national and local significance. Items ripe for picking include ornaments, street signs, military artefacts, retro games, model cars, shop fittings, prints, posters, adverts and more. If it’s Irish and has a history, they’re interested.

Ian negotiates hard for the best deals from the vendors which he moves on for a profit once back in the Dublin office. But the boys are not alone in their search, with office manager Ali Foy helping to organise the business and delving into the provenance of the items. Retired dealer ‘Vintage Vinny’, so called because of his experience and contacts in the antiques game, lends Ian a hand in tracking down the objects and advising on where best to sell them. The four are joined by Vinny’s dog Max, who’s rumoured to have a nose for a bargain himself!