Mountain Men

There are men in America who must still make their living off the land, hunting and trapping to provide for their families. They are the Mountain Men.


Season: Season 6 Episode Guide

1 - No Goin Back #1

No Goin' Back: Winter descends on the mountains without mercy. Marty is trapped in 50 below, Morgan and Tom forge new alliances, and Rich battles a rogue grizzly. (S6, ep 1)

2 - Edge Of Winter #2

Edge of Winter: Morgan races the ice to gather critical supplies, Eustace digs out from a devastating tornado, and Marty takes to the air in a risky bid to win the season. (S6, ep 2)

3 - Breakage #3

Breakage: Morgan battles to stay afloat on a treacherous river run, Jason loses everything, and for Rich's dog team, routine training turns to live combat. (S6, ep 3)

4 - Hard Luck #4

Hard Luck: Morgan faces a gauntlet of frozen river crossings to get home, Tom strikes out, and Marty's season begins to unravel. (S6, ep 4)

5 - Surge#5, The

The Surge: As winter strikes, Morgan hunts for riches in the ruins, Jason tackles a river giant and Eustace makes a breakthrough with black powder. (S6, ep 5)

6 - Let The Weight Of The Hammer Do The Work #6

Let the Weight of the Hammer do the Work: Marty's retreat leads to a surprise in his own back yard. Morgan builds to beat the deep freeze, and Tom hits the jackpot. (S6, ep 6)

7 - Hunter And Hunted #7

Hunter and Hunted: Tom defends his home against a wolf pack. Eustace attempts to turn trash into treasure, and Jason goes on a mission to feed his family. (S6, ep 7)

8 - Cut #8, The

The Cut: A slip of an axe blade gives Morgan a deep wound. Marty targets a wolf pack on a killing spree, and Tom digs out. (S6, ep 8)

9 - Birthright #9

Birthright: Morgan is sidelined while he gets back on his feet. Marty fights to stay in the game, and Eustace makes a critical trade to protect his future. (S6, ep 9)

10 - Only The Strong Survive #10

Only the Strong Survive: Marty doubles down on a new strategy to keep from losing more ground, while Jason's hunt for land becomes an ordeal. (S6, ep 10)

11 - Waste Not Want Not #11

Waste Not, Want Not: Marty fights for every last dollar as his season goes into free-fall. Eustace and Preston experiment in barnyard engineering. (S6, ep 11)

12 - Long Shot #12

Long Shot: An early thaw puts Morgan's supply drop on thin ice, Marty hunts the beasts of Kodiak Island, and Tom makes the most of his unprecedented winning streak. (S6, ep 12)

13 - High And Dry #13

High and Dry: Morgan slips up navigating the meltdown that's transforming the Alaskan wild, and Marty's hunt takes him to the top of Kodiak Island's most treacherous peaks. (S6, ep 13)

14 - Race To Ruin #14

Race to Ruin: An early melt unleashes the bears weeks ahead of schedule in the Great Alaska Range. Eustace and Preston's race to the finish line ends in ruin. (S6, ep 14)

15 - Stand Your Ground #15

Stand Your Ground: Morgan's horses go missing. Rich's lion hunt turns into an epic chase, and Tom goes after America's largest game. (S6, ep 15)

16 - To Everything There Is A Season #16

To Everything There Is A Season: Marty ends his season with a blockbuster catch, Tom stands his ground against a beast and Preston lays down roots for the next generation. (S6, ep 16)

17 - Escape To The Wild Special

Escape to the Wild Special: Tom Oar, Marty Meierotto, and Eustace Conway reveal what it takes to answer the call of the wild and tell the untold stories of their first winter.

Season: Season 7 Episode Guide

1 - Nowhere To Run

Nowhere to Run: Seventh season of the documentary following those who prefer to live off-grid. As winter approaches, Morgan battles nature to get a head start on the season. (S7, ep 1)

2 - Time And Tide

Time and Tide: The bears keep Morgan on the run as he tries to secure his catch and escape with his life. Eustace struggles to get back to work without Preston. (S7, ep 2)

3 - Labor Pains

Labour Pains: In a risky bid to get out of the red, Marty fights to reclaim his long-abandoned turf. Morgan races to build a shelter in the snow and ice of subzero Alaska. (S7, ep 3)

Season: Season 5 Episode Guide

7 - Freeze Out #7

Freeze Out: A jackpot slips from Tom's grasp; Morgan's last ditch effort to find food takes him into the treacherous peaks; and Marty is driven off his line. (S5, ep 7)

8 - Killer Instinct #8

Killer Instinct: Morgan takes to higher ground to protect his food supply, while Rich goes on the hunt for a dog-killer. (S5, ep 8)

9 - Crash And Burn # 9

Crash and Burn: Marty's new opportunity goes up in smoke and Eustace takes a hard fall that puts him out of commission. (S5, ep 9)

10 - Concussion #10

Concussion: Eustace struggles to accept the reality of his injuries; Marty scrambles to recover from a costly blow and Tom finally makes a breakthrough. (S5, ep 10)

11 - Bull & The Bear #11, The

The Bull and The Bear: Marty begins an epic overland journey into the Alaskan bush; Morgan clashes with a ravenous grizzly bear. (S5, ep 11)

12 - Rock Bottom #12

Rock Bottom: Tom hits the rocks with only weeks of winter left to go; Morgan seeks protection from the bears and Jason fires up the forge. (S5, ep 12)

13 - Nemesis #13

Nemesis: The river deals Tom's season a fatal blow; Marty fights the ice to make it home and Jason battles a deadline to deliver for his family. (S5, ep 13)

14 - Sting Of Defeat #14, The

The Sting of Defeat: Tom washes out in Idaho and retreats to the Yaak; Eustace races to stop a breakout and Morgan battles predators large and small. (S5, ep 14)

15 - I'll Go Down Fighting #15

I'll Go Down Fighting: Tom scrambles a last minute bear hunt to save his season; Morgan fights for his future with fire; Eustace has an unexpected showdown. (S5, ep 15)

16 - Generations #16

Generations: Tom pays the price for two consecutive failed winters. Eustace and Preston harvest a hog and Rich makes a pick of the litter. (S5, ep 16)

17 - Mountain Men Special Man V Winter

Season after season, the mountain men are locked in an endless battle against winter: the most dangerous predator of them all. (S5, ep 17)