Property Brothers


Season: 3

10 - Parker & Francesca #10

Parker & Francesca: Parker and Francesca hunt for a house with a chef's kitchen, a grand staircase and a move-in date right after their wedding in Italy. (S3, ep 10)

11 - Caitlin & Steve #11

Caitlin & Steve: Jonathan and Drew help couple Caitlin and Steve hunt for a big, open concept, eco-home within walking distance of all amenities. (S3, ep 11)

12 - Rose & Giancarlo #12

Rose & Giancarlo: Jonathan and Drew help a couple find a budget-friendly dream home that can be renovated on time... with a little help from Cindy Crawford. (S3, ep 12)

13 - Kate & Dave #13

Kate & Dave: Newlyweds Kate and Dave are excited, and a little nervous, about buying a first house together. Can property experts Jonathan and Drew help? (S3, ep 13)

14 - Megan & Greg #14

Megan & Greg: After living abroad, Megan and ice hockey pro Greg are ready to settle down and start a family. Can property gurus Jonathan and Drew help? (S3, ep 14)

15 - Sandra & Kyle #15

Sandra & Kyle: Jonathan and Drew help a couple find their dream home, consisting of a state of the art kitchen and a short walk from all amenities. (S3, ep 15)

16 - Marla & Adam #16

Marla & Adam: The Property Brothers help newlyweds Marla and Adam move out of her mum's place and into a brand new family home. (S3, ep 16)

17 - Mark & Priscilla #17

Mark & Priscilla: Back home after years of exotic travel, and with a second child on the way, Mark and Priscilla are desperate to escape their cramped rental. (S3, ep 17)

18 - Christine & Mathieu #18

Christine & Mathieu: Christine, Mathieu and their two active kids are living in a cramped rental. Can Drew and Jonathan help them find their dream family home? (S3, ep 18)

19 - Kathryn & Eric #19

Kathryn & Eric: Expectant parents Kathryn and Eric are ready to trade in his downtown bachelor pad for a family-friendly house in the suburbs. (S3, ep 19)

20 - Danielle & Chad #20

Danielle & Chad: Danielle, Chad and their three kids are sharing a tiny bedroom in his mum's house. Can the Property Brothers help them find a big family home? (S3, ep 20)

21 - Joey & Mark #21

Joey & Mark: Joey and Mark and their baby daughter are desperate to escape their tiny downtown basement. Can the Property Brothers help? (S3, ep 21)

22 - Kari & Boris #22

Kari & Boris: Boris and Kari are expecting a baby so Jonathan and Drew help them find a budget-friendly dream home that can be renovated on time. (S3, ep 22)

23 - Stephane & Karina #23

Stephane & Karina: Tired of renting and renovations, parents Stephane and Karina enlist the help of the Property Brothers to find their dream family home. (S3, ep 23)

24 - Christa & Sumit #24

Christa & Sumit: The Property Brothers help Christa and Sumit move out of their cramped townhouse into a large new family home. (S3, ep 24)

25 - Nancy & Rhonda #25

Nancy & Rhonda: Nancy and Rhonda have been dating for five years and are finally ready to move in together. Can Jonathan and Drew find them a stylish new home? (S3, ep 25)

26 - Veronica & Andrew #26

Veronica & Andrew: Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew help professional couple Veronica and Andrew find the perfect home in which to raise their young family. (S3, ep 26)

9 - James & David #9

James & David: James and David are desperate to leave their townhouse. Can property experts Jonathan and Drew help them find their budget-friendly dream home? (S3, ep 9)