Storage Wars Texas

Storage Wars Texas heads to the Lone Star state to follow teams of bidders on their quest for auction gold and with a new series comes brand new buys, all new finds, and a few new faces.


Season Season 3 Episode Guide

1 - A Jenny For Your Thoughts # 1 (29)

A Jenny For Your Thoughts: Jenny uses her female charms to garner inside information, before unlocking a unit containing clues to a centuries-old secret society. (S3, ep 1)

2 - Rhymes With Witch # 2 (30)

Rhymes With Witch: A day of tumultuous bidding leaves one buyer desperate for revenge. Meanwhile, Victor makes a find that leads him to Dallas Mavericks' basketball arena. (S3,ep 2)

3 - Fast Times At Texas High # 3 (31)

Fast Times at Texas High: Jenny buys a locker in Killeen that contains a locked safe. It could hold money, jewels or priceless collectibles. But can she get it open? (S3, ep 3)

8 - What Do Women Want? # 8 (36)

What Do Women Want?: The buyers head to auctions in Mesquite, where Ricky and Bubba have previously endured a terrible run of bad fortune. Will today be their lucky day? (S3, ep 8)

9 - Mary's New Hoopty Ride # 9 (37)

Mary's New Hoopty Ride: The bidders go head-to-head in Oak Cliff, where tense locker auctions turn up a unit of antique electronics, as well as a strange Vaudeville curio. (S3, ep 9)

10 - You Buy You Break # 10 (38)

You Buy You Break: The bidders head to Mesquite, home of Ricky and Bubba's famous losing streak. There, Moe and Mary uncover items that have them jumping and dancing. (S3, ep 10)

11 - Buyers On The Storm # 11 (39)

Buyers On The Storm: Bad weather wreaks havoc on auctions in Mineral Wells. Many goodies lurk behind the lockers' doors. But can the bidders retain their focus? (S3, ep 11)

Season Season 4 Episode Guide

1 - Rules To Buy By # 1 (40)

Rules To Buy By: The Texan bidding rivals return to bid on more mysterious and abandoned lockers. They begin in Waxahachie, where wood expert Moe meets his match. (S4, ep 1)

2 - Bubba And The Chocolate Factory # 2 (41)

Bubba And The Chocolate Factory: The buyers head to the affluent town of Las Colinas, where they hope that mega mansions spell luxury lockers. (S4, ep 2)

3 - A Ricky Runs Through It # 3 (42)

A Ricky Runs Through It: Victor battles to end his losing streak in Waxahachie, where some buyers prove that playing it tough is the only way to make a killing. (S3, ep 3)

4 - Bronze Beauty # 4 (43)

Bronze Beauty: The auction action moves to the tiny town of Pantego, Texas, where one pair of buyers strikes gold with a curious wooden box. (S4, ep 4)

5 - Mayor Of Money Town # 5 (44)

Mayor Of Money Town: Victor gets more than he bargained for when he pursues a motorcycle in Carrollton. Ricky finds himself face to face with one of his biggest fears. (S4, ep 5)

6 - Darth Victor # 6 (45)

Darth Victor: Jenny squares off against archrivals Ricky and Bubba in order to win her dream locker. Plus, one buyer discovers their dark side on the way to a big victory. (S4, ep 6)

7 - Ninja And The Pitmaster # 7 (46), The

The Ninja And The Pitmaster: A stranger on a motorbike raises prices and eyebrows at in DeSoto. With just four lockers up for grabs, the bidding wars are fiercer than ever. (S4, ep 7)

8 - Shake Your Tailfeather! # 8 (47)

Shake Your Tailfeather!: The buyers convene at auctions in Fort Worth, where it's the ones who take the biggest risks who make the highest profit. (S4, ep 8)

9 - Throw Momma From The Auction # 9 (48)

Throw Momma From The Auction: Moe gets on the wrong side of Mary when he buys a risky locker in Lancaster. Jenny causes a stir when she brings her mother to the auction. (S4, ep 9)

10 - Hoarder Patrol # 10 (49)

Hoarder Patrol: The buyers compete with huge crowds in Hallsville, where Mary and Moe go all out on a locker they know will make Moe's wife angry. (S4, ep 10)

11 - Take A Deep Breath, It's Lesa # 11 (50)

Take A Deep Breath, It's Lesa: The bidding action moves to Conroe where the buyers find themselves face to face with an old adversary. (S4, ep 11)

12 - Hoopty Dreams # 12 (51)

Hoopty Dreams: The buyers head to Fort Worth, where Victor seeks an ally in his bidding war with Ricky and Bubba. Others learn that two heads aren't always better than one. (S4, ep 12)

Season Season 5 Episode Guide

1 - Raiders Of The Lost Arkana # 1 (52)

Raiders Of The Lost Arkana: The buyers go to Texarkana in search of new territory. Slick Vic uncovers some action figures and Ricky and Bubba find an unforgettable antique. (S5, ep 1)

2 - British Invasion # 2 (53)

British Invasion: The big money buyers find themselves out of their comfort zones in DeSoto. A new face from across the pond threatens to ruin Ricky and Bubba's day. (S5, ep 2)

3 - Swinging With The Jenemy # 3 (54)

Swinging With The Jenemy: The bidders return to Dallas hoping to land a locker of a lifetime. Mary flouts the law in her eagerness to score a dream unit. (S5, ep 3)

4 - Ka-Chingaladas! # 4 (55)

Ka-Chingaladas!: Auctions in Garland bring a day of dashed hopes and sweet profits. Plus, a new buyer begins to throw some of the bidders off their game. (S5, ep 4)

5 - It's Always Sonny In Texas # 5 (56)

It's Always Sonny In Texas: The buyers head to Fort Worth, where a local auctioneer stirs up trouble when he joins as bidder. (S5, ep 5)

6 - Stowe-Age Wars # 6 (57)

Stowe-Age Wars: Ricky and Bubba's nemesis Kenny Stowe shows up at tense auctions in Mesquite, where struggling Victor proves he is desperate for bargains. (S5, ep 6)

7 - Built For Pleasure Not Speed # 7 (58)

Built For Pleasure Not Speed: Bidders Lesa and Jerry play their home-field advantage at auctions in Longview, where they lock horns with Jenny and Mary. (S5, ep 7)

8 - Winners Of The Centuries # 8 (59)

Winners Of The Centuries: Englishman David Kay shows up at auctions in Fort Worth. Victor finds spy gear and Ricky and Bubba set their sights on something big and dangerous. (S5, ep 8)

9 - Take That Beethoven # 9 (60)

Take That Beethoven: Ricky and Bubba seek revenge against "Cowboy" Matt Blevins at auctions in Dallas. Plus, the fate of a musical instrument causes a huge row. (S5, ep 9)

10 - Yo! Mary Raps # 10 (61)

Yo! Mary Raps: There are surprises in store in Dallas, where Mary reveals a very different side to her personality. A discovery leads Ricky and Bubba to a den of deviance. (S5, ep 10)

11 - Hands Off Embroidery # 11 (62)

Hands Off Embroidery: Fort Worth witnesses a showdown when Cowboy Matt begins throwing his weight around. Jenny wins a locker containing a very strange item. (S5, ep 11)

Season Season 1 Episode Guide

1 - Snake Rattle And Roll # 1

Snake Rattle And Roll: The action heads to the Lonestar state, where a new set of bitter rivals battle it out for the abandoned lockers with the biggest payouts. (S1, ep 1)

2 - Remember The Alamo? # 2

Remember The Alamo?: The buyers head to an area renowned for its scruffy lockers. But looks prove deceiving, as the worst-looking units start to deliver the biggest payouts. (S1, ep 2)

3 - If I Were A Tibetin' Man # 3

If I Were A Tibetin' Man: The buyers compete for a furniture locker that could put them $100,000 in profit. Plus, Ricky and Bubba bag some football autographs. But are they real? (S1, ep 3)

4 - Fandom Of The Opera # 4

Fandom Of The Opera: Lesa throws a tantrum during a hunt for fine art and designer furniture. Meanwhile, Roy looks to strike it rich with a theme park brochure from the 1970s. (S1, ep 4)

5 - Dallas Cowboys And Indians # 5

Dallas Cowboys and Indians: In Fort Worth, a legendary cowboy offers the bidders a helping hand. Plus, Lesa discovers a weapon that could quash her New York rival. (S1, ep 5)

6 - Who Bought Jfk? # 6

Who Brought JFK?: One buyer stumbles on a unique piece of American history. Meanwhile, Victor winds up with a promising locked treasure chest. But can he find its key? (S1, ep 6)

7 - A Fistful Of Auctions # 7

A Fistful Of Auctions: The bidders weigh up the pros and cons of two very different neighbourhoods. Plus, Lesa's claws come out when she battles with a hot young buyer. (S1, ep 7)

8 - High Tea Tighty # 8

High Tea Tighty: The buyers battle it out in well-to-do Lewisville, finding a player piano, a tea set and fancy furniture. Whose locker will hold the winning item? (S1, ep 8)

9 - For A Few Lockers More # 9

For A Few Lockers More: The buyers hit Dallas for a frantic day of back-to-back auctions. If they can't keep up with the crowd, they could miss the locker of a lifetime. (S1, ep 9)

10 - Bounty Hunter Bubba Fett # 10

Bounty Hunter Bubba Fett: Victor lands a locker that's worth a staggering 25 times its purchase price. Ricky and Bubba also hit the jackpot with a unit full of sci-fi gear. (S1, ep 10)

11 - Texas Sold 'Em # 11

Texas Sold 'Em: Buyers Ricky and Bubba find a vintage air compressor, Moe discovers some stunning lithographs and new store owner Lesa gets down to business. (S1, ep 11)

12 - Mo' Money Moe Prigoff # 12

Mo' Money Moe Prigoff: The bidders are shocked to come up against over 100 other buyers at a Longview auction. Competition for lockers is tough. Who will come out on top? (S1, ep 12)

13 - Good The Bad And The Hungry # 13, The

The Good The Bad And The Hungry: The bidders turn out with guns blazing for the auction of a late tycoon's locker. Who has the cash and the nerve to make it theirs? (S1, ep 13)

14 - Home On The Strange # 14

Home On The Strange: The lots are anything but ordinary at auctions in Burleson. Can the bidders find anything of value among huge locker loads of strange oddities? (S1, ep 14)

15 - Puffy In The Sky With Diamonds # 15

Puffy In The Sky With Diamonds: One team scores a locker with a potential £50,000 hit in Irving. Plus, Victor tries to rattle his competition with some underhand tactics. (S1, ep 15)

16 - Surgeon The Witch And The Wardrobe # 16, The

The Surgeon, The Witch And The Wardrobe: With a tornado on its way, the bidders race to grab a locker in East Texas before the storm hits. (S2, ep 16)

Season Season 6 Episode Guide

1 - Cardboard Couture #1 (63)

Cardboard Couture: The buyers head to an auction in the East Texas town of Tyler. Jenny finds the Holy Grail of the music world while another bidder loses money immediately. (S6, ep 1)

2 - Spurs Of The Moment #2 (64)

Spurs Of The Moment: The auction returns to the small Texas town of Ponder, where Ricky and Bubba look to extend a lucky streak, as Jenny discovers her inner ballerina. (S6, ep 2)

3 - Pirates Of Pantego #3 (65)

Pirates Of Pantego: Matt Blevins gets under the skin of the female buyers in the small town of Pantego. Bubba is left to deal with a gut-wrenching decision. (S6, ep 3)

4 - Float Like A Bubbafly #4 (66)

Float Like A Bubbafly: The auction action moves to Dallas. After Kenny Stowe flashes his fat wallet, Bubba takes him on in a bidding battle to remember. (S6, ep 4)

5 - Excuse Me, I Think You're Stupid #5 (67)

Excuse Me, I Think You're Stupid: Big egos clash on the fierce bidding battleground of Fort Worth. Cowboy Matt and Kenny go to war over an abandoned unit of furniture. (S6, ep 5)

6 - Grounded & Pounded #6 (68)

Grounded & Pounded: In Plano, a locker of mixed martial arts gear puts Kenny in a compromising position. Meanwhile, Mary shows her ambition and Jenny dares to get devious. (S6, ep 6)

7 - Hell's Half Acre #7 (69)

Hell's Half Acre: The auction action in Fort Worth inspires hot blood and sharp tongues as Bubba, Kenny and Matt go head to head. (S6, ep 7)

8 - Fear The Short Fat Man #8 (70)

Fear The Short Fat Man: The bidders head to auctions in the small town of Waxahachie, where Jenny makes a scandalous discovery that could give her the payday of a lifetime. (S6, ep 8)

9 - POW! It's A Surprise! #9 (71)

POW! It's A Surprise!: Kenny and Matt come to blows over a locker full of tools in DeSoto. Mary makes a purchase that leads her to the oldest Italian restaurant in Texas. (S6, ep 9)

10 - Welcome To The World Of The Sonny Monday #10 (72)

Welcome To The World Of The Sonny Monday: The buyers come up against a determined bunch of locals at auctions in Waxahachie. Can they beat them to the lockers' treasures? (S6, ep 10)

11 - Everything's Coming Up Sonny #11 (73)

Everything's Coming Up Sonny: Bad memories are rekindled for Ricky and Bubba as the auction action returns to Mesquite. Mary's strange discovery leads her to a llama farm. (S6, ep 11)

12 - When Vic Comes To Shove #12 (74)

When Vic Comes To Shove: Some of the buyers reveal their bad sides as an unexpected fight breaks out among bidders in Henderson. (S6, ep 12)

13 - Waltz Across Texas #13 (75)

Waltz Across Texas: Jenny promises to splash the cash when the bidding moves to Longview. But when the locker doors open, will she have splurged on trash or treasure? (S6, ep 13)

14 - Puffy The Auction Slayer #14 (76)

Puffy The Auction Slayer: Ricky's mother Puffy, a veteran of storage locker battles, makes waves as she joins the bidding for abandoned treasures in upscale Haslet. (S6, ep 14)

15 - For The Benefit Of Mr. Charles #15 (77)

For The Benefit Of Mr. Charles: Jenny attempts a bold new strategy at Longview auctions that prove full of surprises. Mary shows up with a mystery friend. (S6, ep 15)

16 - Moe's Def #16 (78)

Moe's Def: The auction season ends with a record-breaking sale in Fort Worth. Limited to one locker a year by his wife, hoarder Moe shows up to make his annual purchase. (S6, ep 16)

Season Season 2 Episode Guide

1 - Flight Of The Grumblebee # 1 (17)

Flight Of The Grumblebee: The buyers journey to the resort and spa town of Mineral Wells where Ricky and Bubba face off with Victor for a luxury household locker. (S2, ep 1)

2 - Mary Had A Little Blom # 2 (18)

Mary Had A Little Blom: The buyers travel to Irving where Victor buys a secret agent's locker and Bubba Smith is forced to find a buyer for some explicit art. (S2, ep 2)

3 - Cock Fighter From Mexico # 3 (19), The

The Cock Fighter From Mexico: The auction action heads to the historical town of DeSoto as a mysterious Man in Black shows up to bag a locker with Willie Nelson memorabilia. (S2, ep 3)

4 - Hate To Burst Your Bubba # 4 (20)

Hate To Burst Your Bubba: Auctions take place in Lake Highlands, a wealthy suburb of Dallas, where Victor manages to turn Bubba against Ricky. (S2, ep 4)

5 - Vic In The Head # 5 (21)

Vic In The Head: The buyers head to Tyler, a country town with a thriving art scene, where Victor brawls for a unit containing an antique train set. (S2, ep 5)

6 - No Stash Moe's Stache # 6 (22)

No Stash Moe's Stache: The bidders do battle in Carrollton, where hunting gear and glass-blowing equipment are up for grabs. Who can turn their stash into the most cash? (S2, ep 6)

7 - Out Of Af-Ricky # 7 (23)

Out Of Af-Ricky: Civil war prosthetics, voodoo statues and boxes upon boxes of BBQ sauce turn up at auctions in Cedar Hill. But which bidder will end the day quids in? (S2, ep 7)

8 - Bubbapocalypse Now # 8 (24)

Bubbapocalypse: Collectible dolls and ancient goodies surprise the buyers in Cedar Hill, along with a strange coin that promises to save the world from the apocalypse. (S2, ep 8)

9 - Night Of The Pondering Dead # 9 (25)

Night Of The Pondering Dead: The buyers scramble for lockers in Ponder where the locals are pouncing on the units. What do they know that the bidding teams don't? (S2, ep 9)

10 - Jenny Bears All # 10 (26)

Jenny Bears All: The bidders ride out to the cowboy town of Mesquite, Texas, where Ricky and Bubba go head-to-head over a unit full of antique equestrian gear. (S2, ep 10)

11 - Aust - In Translation # 11 (27)

Aust - In Translation: Moe and Mary battle for a unit worth eight grand in the state capital, where one bidder finds out just why the city's slogan is 'Keep Austin Weird'. (S2, ep 11)

12 - Pinatas And Ta-Tas # 12 (28)

Pinatas And Ta-Tas: Ricky and Bubba reveal their mean sides during the last day of auctions in Austin. Meanwhile, buying partners Ricky and Bubba turn desperate. (S2, ep 12)