Swamp People

Follow the charismatic alligator hunters on America's largest swamp. Over 30 days, they can make enough cash to last them a year - but only if nothing goes wrong.



Season: 5

0 - Swamp Christmas

Join a fun-filled Christmas on the bayou as the swampers hunt for traditional delicacies, wrap their gifts, prepare their feasts and treat their children to their first big-game hunts.

0 - Swamp People Special - Gator Recon

Gator Recon: The swampers reflect on the most memorable moments of their hunting careers, remembering the biggest struggles, greatest triumphs and extreme dangers of recent years.

0 - Swamp People Special - Lethal Encounters

Lethal Encounters: Faced with storms, currents and deadly gators, the hunters risk life and limb to fill their tags. Revisit the scariest moments of the series in this special episode.

0 - Swamp People - Ten Deadliest Hunts

Swamp People - Ten Deadliest Hunts: Over six series, the Louisiana Swamp People have risked life and limb chasing monster alligators. Relive their ten most life-threatening hunts.

11 - Beast Of The Lake #11 (81)

Beast of the Lake: One team goes after a legendary gator they have hunted for years, while another hunter goes after a ruthless cannibal gator. (S5, ep 11)

12 - Way Of The Swamp #12 (82)

Way Of The Swamp: Family and friends come to the rescue of the struggling hunters. Meanwhile, one team hope an airboat will sail them to swamp success. (S5, ep 12)

13 - Outer Limits #13 (83)

Outer Limits: After huge boat problems, one team battles to salvage their day before sunset. Other swampers are forced to the edge of their territories in search of gators. (S5, ep 13)

14 - Blood Brothers #14 (84)

Blood Brothers: One team of hunters travels deep into the woods in search of a record-setting gator. Another is forced to cross huge lochs to reach deeper waters. (S5, ep 14)

15 - Swamp Ambush #15 (85)

Swamp Ambush. The swampers lose focus as they set their sights on individual gators. One team travels to a state park to catch a dangerous threat to public safety. (S5, ep 15)

16 - Beasts Or Bust #16 (86)

The swampers are forced into dangerous areas to fill their tags. One team risks their lives when they choose to hunt in an electrical storm. (S5, ep 16)

17 - Captain Invincible #17 (87)

Captain Invincible: When a deckhand insists on changing hunting grounds, he and his captain have one of their best days of the season. A skipper suffers a gruesome injury. (S5, ep 17)

18 - Unbreakable Bonds #18 (88)

Unbreakable Bonds: The hunters' families pitch in as the end of the season looms. Time is running out for one team whose hearts are set on catching a state record gator. (S5, ep 18)

19 - Metalhead #19 (89)

Metalhead: A team head to a dangerously remote spot in the hope of rectifying their disastrous start to the season. Another goes after a seemingly-indestructible gator. (S5, ep 19)

20 - Day Of Reckoning #20 (90)

Day Of Reckoning: The alligator season draws to a close and the hunters are in a hurry to fill their remaining tags before time runs out. (S5, ep 20)

Season: 7

1 - High Water Hell #1

High Water Hell: Troy Landry finds that the water in the basin is higher than it's ever been, pushing the gators into inaccessible back ponds and woods. (S7, ep 1)

2 - Code Of The Swamp #2, The

The Code of the Swamp: After a terrible start to the season, Troy does the unthinkable and recruits outside help, much to the distaste of this family. (S7, ep 2)

3 - All Hands On Deck #3

All Hands on Deck: After a terrible start to the season, The King of The Swamp recruits fellow swamper Daniel Edgar and his family to get back on track. (S7, ep 3)

4 - Home Turf #4

Home Turf: Despite help from the Edgars, Troy is still behind on his tag count and must pull out all the stops if he wants to tag out. (S7, ep 4)

5 - Monster Men #5

Monster Men: Armed with his trademark treble hook, Willie Edwards returns to the swamps, only to be confronted with the biggest monster he's ever seen. (S7, ep 5)

Season: 1

1 - Big Head Bites It # 1

Series following charismatic alligator hunters on America's largest swamp. Over 30 days, they can make enough cash to last them a year, but only if nothing goes wrong. (S1, ep 1)

10 - Last Battle # 10, The

With just two days left, there are still plenty more gators in the swamp. Troy faces his ultimate nemesis and the giant dubbed the Loch Ness Monster is still out there... (S1, ep 10)

2 - Houdini's Last Escape # 2

Troy's obsessive search for the giant and elusive alligator 'Big Head' leads him into the swamp's ominous cypress groves. (S1, ep 2)

3 - Troy's Gamble # 3

Troy desperately needs to up his game and parts with a wad of cash for the right to hunt in an area of swamp teeming with alligators. But will his great gamble pay off? (S1, ep 3)

4 - Cannibal Gator # 4

Joe realises he's up against a huge cannibal alligator when he find smaller gators scarred with bite marks. Meanwhile, Troy's empty lines are putting his season in jeopardy. (S1, ep 4)

5 - Forces Of Nature # 5

The race is on for the gator hunters as a looming storm and cold snap threatens to drive the alligators into hibernation and call an end to the hunting season. (S1, ep 5)

6 - Family Feuds # 6

Howard risks his life tracking a huge killer gator. Meanwhile, the gruelling season starts to take its toll as Joe and Tommy fight and even chilled-out Troy gets frustrated. (S1, ep 6)

7 - Swamp Wars # 7

Tommy and Joe vow to get swamp justice when they find there's a poacher after their loot. And can down-on-their luck Junior and Willie earn their cash catching frogs and snakes? (S1, ep 7)

8 - Gator Voodoo # 8

The men wonder whether it's the full moon that's keeping the gators' jaws shut and resort to new territories and a traditional Cajun bait to keep their cash coming. (S1, ep 8)

9 - Final Countdown # 9

As the season's end draws in, the pressure to meet their 'tag' targets intensifies, and the Swamp People find themselves in a deadly race to catch their last alligators. (S1, ep 9)

Season: 2

1 - Gator Gauntlet

The fearless hunters in America's largest swamp are back. Willie risks life and limb from the start as he attempts to catch swimming alligators with his bare hands. (S2, ep 1)

10 - It's Personal

RJ and Jay Paul's lines come under attack by a vicious cannibal gator and they'll need every trick in the book if they're to stop this monster from stalling their season.

2 - Hunter Or Hunted

RJ and his son hunt a bulldozing gator that's ripping up the banks. Joe is also after a giant gator, but as one comes near, Tommy makes a mistake that costs them big time.

3 - Shooting Wild

As new challengers RJ and J. Paul continue to set a blazing pace, forcing the others in a race to catch up. But, when you're moving fast and after 'gators... a lot can go wrong.

4 - First Mates

Terral and Corey are out to get a giant gator that's terrorising locals. Meanwhile, as he falls way off the pace, Troy enlists the help of local sharpshooter Liz Cavalier.

5 - Hot Pursuit

Legendary hunter Liz needs to show her skills if Troy's going to get back on track. Meanwhile, a poacher is on the loose... and leader RJ's lines appear to be the target.

6 - Dark Waters

Troy takes a big blow when Lisa, his ticket to victory, is injured during a capture. Meanwhile, Bruce takes out a greenhorn, whose rookie error threatens his entire season.

7 - Deadly Skies

As a big storm come in, Troy and Jacob use the gnarly weather to test a new bait, Tommy begs for a day off, and RJ and Jay Paul brave the swamp's strongest winds.

8 - Rising Sons

Liz and Troy go in search of a monster gator that has killed a dog and is menacing locals. They climb aboard their rickety wooden pirogue. But can it handle such a risky hunt?

9 - Full Moon Fever

RJ and Jay Paul sail out to catch their alligator thieves red-handed. But a dead engine scuppers their plans and leaves them stranded in the swamp at night.

Season: 6

1 - Bounty On The Bayou #1

Bounty On The Bayou: The swampers are back in another battle against gators, mother nature and each other. One hunter heads deep into the swamp to catch a legendary reptile. (S6, ep 1)

10 - Crooked Jaw #10

Crooked Jaw: One hunter gives his deckhand more than he bargained for when he forgets his bullet clip. Another team goes in pursuit of a huge and terrifying gator. (S6, ep 10)

11 - Blood Moon #11

Blood Moon: As two teams cross state lines in search of a prize-winning monster, they discover that hunting through the night comes with terrible risks in Mississippi. (S6, ep 11)

12 - Bounty Or Bust #12

Bounty Or Bust: As the $10,0000 bounty deadline dawns, one team races against the clock to get their monster gator back across state lines. But can they make it in time? (S6, ep 12)

13 - Royal Reunion #13 (103)

Royal Reunion: Two swampers join forces to help a family friend rid their marsh area of a rogue gator. Another team does battle with a seemingly indestructible reptile. (S6, ep 13)

14 - Bait & Switch #14 (104)

Bait & Switch: The hunters enter new territory in search of alligators. One team wages war against a bait-thieving beast and another hunts in a motorbike and sidecar. (S6, ep 14)

15 - Three Kings #15 (105), The

The Three Kings: As rogue alligators threaten the swampers' communities, one team goes in search of a gator that's terrorising a camp. (S6, ep 15)

16 - Phantom #16 (106), The

The Phantom: While one team searches for a gator known as The Phantom, others head deep into a remote part of the swamp that's renowned for its huge and dangerous reptiles. (S6, ep 16)

17 - Gator Boo-Fay #17 (107)

Gator Boo-Fay: The swampers get the rare chance to tag out early. But while one team's chances are hindered by an intruder, another is made to hunt their last tags on land. (S6, ep 17)

18 - Here Gator Gator #18 (108)

Here Gator Gator: One team calls on a secret luring technique to get gators out into the open. Meanwhile, a hunter dedicates his final tag to catch a monster named Cujo. (S6, ep 18)

19 - Of Gods & Otters #19 (109)

Of Gods & Otters: The hunters resort to desperate measures as the clock ticks down to the end of the season. (S6, ep 19)

2 - Gator Gridlock #2

Gator Gridlock: One team dares to cross the Mississippi's dangerous shipping lanes in search of gators. It's a life-threatening gamble. Will the catch be worth the risk? (S6, ep 2)

20 - Now Or Never #110

Now or Never: On the last day of the season, the families do their utmost to spur their loved ones on. One hunter challenges his sons to see who can catch the biggest gator. (S6, ep 20

3 - Twister Trouble #3

Twister Trouble: Troy hopes to settle a score with a crafty gator he has pursued for years. Another hunter makes a life-threatening choice to go deep into the swamp. (S6, ep 3)

4 - Feast Or Fawn #4

Feast Or Fawn: A team enters a dangerous canal that's only accessible by canoe in search of a bounty-winning alligator. Another heads to one of the toughest hunting spots. (S6, ep 4)

5 - Pirate Of The Bayou #5

Pirate Of The Bayou: Aggressive, greedy and one-eyed gators all bring big problems for the hunters. One swamper takes a big risk by daring to go out alone. (S6, ep 5)

6 - Gator Slayer #6

Gator Slayer: As the gators become too smart to take the hunters' bait, the teams come up with original ways to lure in their prey. Whose methods will prove most effective? (S6, ep 6)

7 - Bulletproof #7

Bulletproof: Deckhands step up to save the day when the hunters target some extra shrewd gators. Having fallen off the pace, one swamper goes in search of a new recruit. (S6, ep 7)

8 - Badlands #8

Badlands: The hunters make uncertain journeys into dangerous areas of the swamp. Acting on a tip-off, one team heads to hostile waters that are believed to be cursed. (S6, ep 8)

9 - Outlaw & Disorder #9

Outlaw & Disorder: The hunters try a new method for fighting back at poachers. Meanwhile, another team engages in some risky open water hunting. (S6, ep 9)