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What to watch on BLAZE in July 2024

BLAZE is the free-to-air entertainment channel that celebrates real people and their real stories. From the mystery solvers and treasure hunters to the hard grafters and deal makers, BLAZE raises the flag for people who boldly follow their own path.

Here are the best brand-new shows that will be airing on BLAZE in June 2024.

Monster Munch Time

What better time to explore the myths and legends of monsters than whilst munching on your lunch?

Monster Munch Time on BLAZE will transform your lunchtimes into an unforgettable adventure as it’s filled with the best episodes of MonsterQuest. Tune in to explore the unknown, challenge the legends and add some flavour to your lunchtimes.

Monster Munch Time is available weekdays from Monday, 8th July from 1:05pm on BLAZE.

Lost Relic Hunters

Lost Relic Hunters follows the work of one of the world’s most prolific collectors of antiquities, Hamilton White, and his long-time friend and business partner, Carl Cookson.

The intrepid duo are back on the trail of some truly astonishing relics and historical pieces, which have the potential to change our understanding of the most iconic periods of British and European history. Aided by cultural and art historian Dr Janina Ramirez, Hamilton and Carl journey to breathtaking locations around the world in their quest to authenticate rare and precious antiquities.

Season two of Lost Relic Hunters starts Monday, 29th July at 9pm on BLAZE.

Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters

The Bermuda Triangle is the most notorious stretch of ocean in history, evoking fear and endless fascination. Bounded by Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, these waters have swallowed the crews of countless ships and planes. Reporters have dug up accounts of missing vessels and stories of strange phenomena that date back to the voyages of Columbus.

Now, an elite team investigates the Bermuda Triangle with the aid of a secret weapon – a map, decades in the making, marking the location of unidentified undersea wrecks and anomalies.

Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters starts Tuesday, 23rd July at 9pm on BLAZE.

Pawn Stars

Let Pawn Stars take you inside the colourful world of the pawn business. Step into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on the outskirts of Las Vegas, where the Harrison family jointly run the business.

There’s clashing and camaraderie every step of the way as the men use their sharp eyes and skills to assess the value of items, from the commonplace to the truly historic. It’s up to them to determine what’s fake and what’s the real deal, as they reveal the answer to the question on everyone’s mind, ‘What’s it worth?’

Season 23 of Pawn Stars starts Monday, 15th July at 2:05pm on BLAZE.

BLAZE is available on Freeview 64, Sky HD 164, Sky Glass / Sky Stream 168, Freesat 162 and Virgin TV 174.

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