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What to watch on BLAZE in May 2024

BLAZE is the free-to-air entertainment channel that celebrates real people and their real stories. From the mystery solvers and treasure hunters to the hard grafters and deal makers, BLAZE raises the flag for people who boldly follow their own path.

Throughout May 2024, BLAZE will be celebrating ‘Blazin’ Britain Month’, which delves into what makes this nation truly unique. Here are the best brand-new shows that will be airing on BLAZE this month.

Flipping Bangers

Gus Gregory and Will Trickett have quit their successful jobs to make a new living by buying, fixing and ‘flipping’ the sort of old cars that other people walk away from.

The third series follows Gus and Will as they settle into a brand-new workshop location made from old shipping containers. Watch as they work on one car every episode, from the worst Rolls Royce in Britain to the most lovely Triumph Herald.

Can Gus and Will make a success of their new venture and come out on top, or will the blood, sweat and tears only lead to failure?

Flipping Bangers will air Sundays from 5th May at 9pm on BLAZE.

Britain’s Greatest Obsessions

Some of Britain’s favourite stars explore the truly unique British preoccupations in Britain’s Greatest Obsessions.

Harry Hill delves into humour and why we think the British have the best in the world; Suggs has a personal take on the community spirit of pubs; Lisa Tarbuck investigates our obsession with talking about the weather; Lorraine Kelly guides us through WWII to separate the myths from the facts; Reginald D Hunter turns his attention to class structure; and Chris Packham focuses on how pets went from working for us to being our best friends.

Britain’s Greatest Obsessions airs Tuesdays from 21st May at 9pm on BLAZE.

Britain’s Most Historic Towns

Professor Alice Roberts explores key periods in British history through the story of individual towns in Britain's Most Historic Towns. Although kings and queens inevitably play a role, this is essentially the people’s story, as Alice unpicks each era with a focus on riots, disasters, strikes and rebellions that shaped modern Britain.

From the way the Restoration helped London let off steam again through bawdy comedy and new sexual freedoms to Manchester’s role in shaping communism, Alice wants us to think afresh about our country’s turbulent past. The other towns explored include Lincoln, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Britain’s Most Historic Towns airs Fridays from 10th May at 9pm.

Secrets of Great British Castles

Secrets of Great British Castles explores the turbulent history behind six of Britain’s most iconic castles: Dover, Tower of London, Warwick, Caernarfon, Stirling and Carrickfergus.

Historian Dan Jones peels back the layers of these celebrated strongholds at the heart of British history and unravels the intrigue, drama, romance and rebellion surrounding these fortifications and their 

notorious inhabitants.

Secrets of Great British Castles airs Fridays from 10th May at 10pm on BLAZE.

BLAZE is available on Freeview 64, Sky HD 164, Sky Glass / Sky Stream 168, Freesat 162 and Virgin TV 174.

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